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The Elements Of Bri
if i ever get that boy alone, its on like crayons on the wall!
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18th-Dec-2008 06:49 pm - Talkin' Shit
so yeah, this week was... intresting. it rained on monday, it was absolutly amazing. tuesday was boring. it rained on wensday again, and I was in absolute love. today is thrusday. it didn't rain today. it was rather lame. I had to rap in engish. took a quiz in history. fell asleep in chem. lame day. so, my friend told my crush's ex that I like him. and I'm just kind of like, wtf. cause If I wanted her to know I could have told her myself. so first you tell her, then you both talk shit on him to me. wtf is up with that. so not fucking cool. Just because you didn't get a chance with him, dosent mean you have to fucking put him down to me and make him seam like something he's not.
well, very uneventful.
I'm going to a party tommrow night. dress shopping saturday. text me next week? no school :D

Bri :]
10th-Dec-2008 06:42 pm - street teaming
so fuck yeah.
Have I told you about my new favorite band?!
Sing It Loud
hell yeah, saw them live, they so fucking owned that stage, they rocked it out. and Nate is such a fucking sweetheart, I don't give a fuck what anyone says, if you have a problem with Nate, take it up with me, and I'll kick your fucking ass.

check them out...right now!

Tell me they so didn't own that stage.
Seiously one of the best bands in the world. they rock so hard, I put a pic of them on my binder. hahaha :D
and it doesn't hurt that they're cute ;]
oh and check out they're new video for "No One Can Touch Us" look for that on my myspace :]
27th-Nov-2008 07:03 pm - weird dreams
oh wow, I had a fucking weird dream last night. I woke up this morning and was actually slightly scared.
so like my oldest brother had this gun, and I was in my aunt's house, but it was my house, I lived there, and evertyhing looked just like my house, except it was the layout was of my aunt's house. and so I was in the house, and My older cousin, was there, and we were hiding in the garage, or something, and we went into the house, and my brother shot him, and I screamed and ran upstairs, and into my room, and pulled a purple blanket over my head, and then I felt the barrel of the gun press against my back, but kind of by my side, and it was like under the blanket, so I reached back, and pulled the gun from my brother's hand, and released the magazine, from the gun, and I released the barrel from the rest of the gun, and I let all the pieces fall to the floor, and I threw the blanket off, and bolted toward the door. and I went downstars and my brother never came down, and my parents were all "wtf happened" and I tried to explain to them I was almost just killed by my brother and they were all oblivious to it, and I was like "wtf, why are you listening to me, I'm so not lying right now, I was almost killed."
then I kept seeing my brother's image everywhere I would go and then I saw his mug shot on tv, but then I saw him sitting in my window of my room, and I started freaking out, and then My parents were all "wtf is wrong with you" and then I saw him siting on the window ceil.

then I woke up.

that was so intense, I was like wtf. hahah

and here is a random video of my favorite band!
22nd-Nov-2008 11:40 pm - flapjacks!
blah blah blah. so much stuff.
here watch the higher's video, it'll make you happy :D

15th-Nov-2008 04:11 pm - street teaming
The higher is now on tour!!!!
OMG I can't belive it the higher on tour, with the white tie affair?!
what the hell?!
oh my god someone get me tickets like now!
seriously, I so want to go.

check out the higher!

how awesome is this band?
don't you just want to go see them on tour? I know I do.
I think I'll go get tickest, see you there.
7th-Nov-2008 03:47 pm - November 7, 2008
my birthday!!!!!
lots of shit went down today.
okay first off.
thank you so fucking much, you always make me feel special :]

okay, now on to the other stuff.... actually no, i'm not going to tell you. if you want to know.. comment. hahah

taco bell tonight at 5 be there.. unless I didnn't invite you... PERSONALY.

okay see you later!!!!

6th-Nov-2008 07:33 pm - Ken-es-tet-ick
fuck yeah bitch.
I know, I know. shit shit shit, my birthday is tomrrow. hell yeah.
haha lots of swearing today.
well today was pretty good. not that you care, cuase that's not what this update is for. haha

okay, so I'm pretty pissed prop 8 fucking passed.... WHAT THE FUCK.
I don't give a shit what your religion fucking says, why would you take fucking rights from people. I can't belive in 2008 we have this kind of fucking discrimination. this is so fucked up. Who gives a shit if people are gay, who gives a shit if they want to get fucking maried. straight couples have the right to get married, why shouldn't gay couples?
[yeah I'm gedtting political on your asses]
what is the fucking diffrence? a girl can love a guy, so why can't two guys be in love, or two girls?

I'm saying this.. your religion is for shit. okay, it says to love one another, but then it says who you can and can't love. hell no. fuck that. your religion is controdicting itself right there. telling you one thing, but telling you something diffrent.

... I could honestly go on for fucking hours over this, and if you want me to, then comment and I'll rant for you, and give you my entire prespective on prop 8 [sorry I don't know much about the other props, they didn't intrest me much].
We'll see all you discriminatory ass fucks in the supreme court. cause you all motherfucking know this issue is going to end up there.


anyways.. my birthday is tomrrow :D
idk if i'll post tomrrow cause I'll be out, but i'll try if i get a sec. after tomrrow... you won't be hearing my rants for a while. hahah
leave me love on my birthday! :]

5th-Nov-2008 07:09 pm - Hippopotamus
oh damn straight I just spelled hippopotamus. jealous?
well here's me listening to sing it loud, and putting off cultures homework. I always do my current event in class anyway, but I have to do my extended paragraph still.. fuck me.
well my birthday is on friday.. two days away?
idk, but I'm thinking my math teacher is going to fucking ruin my birthday by just being alive, fucking Alien. Mr.Mackey alen! go fucking dig a ditch!

haha did that even make sense? I don't know.
fuck I don't wanna do homework. but I kind of have to (drop the girl- hit the lights)
you know hit the lights is a really good band, the singger is really good, but he isn't cute. haha he's funny though. so that makes up for his lacking acttractiveness (sp?) haha

oh man, I'm gonna go thow things at my dog, to put off doing homework a little longer. :D

my birthday is on friday :D
4th-Nov-2008 07:18 pm - Enchilida Orchard
haha oh shit good times spring break 08.
anyways, it's tuesday.. friday is my birthday... It's going to be fun.
we're going to the movies to see madagasscar 2, and role modles (don't tell my mom) haha
it's going to be fucking epic.
I'm also having fun inviting people in front of you-know-who, and making him feel excluded. when I ask someoen else and not him. haha I'm such a bitch. well guess what you fucked with me first so I'm going to let you have it. You'll get what's yours.

...I still have to do math homework.. FUCK GEOMEOTRY!

(smile for the camera-Armor for sleep) awesome song. oh shit, i broke my sweater today. I knwo right!. hahah

oh shit it rained this mroning.. fuck it was so damn sexy, Sexy weather :]
I want more sexy weather. speaking of sexy, Nate from sing it loud is pretty damn sexy. haha just had to throw that in there :]
(stand in the spotlight- armor for sleep).. if you're wondering.. tho you'r probally not, Yes I do own the new Armor for sleep CD. haha
for those who wanted to know why so much Armor for sleep.

well I don't just listen to sing it loud and armor for sleep, but I absolutly adore the band the Cab, oh shit I love those guys. If I could have one birthday present (besides an itouch)I would wish that all the members of the Cab would come and sing happy birthday to me :]
or that Nate from sing it loud would come sing to me. haha

anyways. I must go do homework now.

new president tonight..... OBAMA08 NO ON 8!
(wanna talk politics? I'm not good at it, and i honestly don't give a shit about politics, but if you have something to say about it, then chat it up)

hmm.. yeah, I'm goingto do homework now. byessss

(ps. my birthday is on friday)
3rd-Nov-2008 03:34 pm - xeon
don't ask about the random title... I hadn't used the letter X to start a post, so that's why I used it. haha

so, it's monday... FUCKING MONDAY! GOD DAMNIT! haha :D
so yeah it's monday, I'm listening to sing it loud right now, cause I fucking love this band, and Nate :D (he's in the band) he's so fucking sweet, and if you have shit to say about Nate Flynn then you can take it up with me, and I'll put a hurt on you, cuase he's honestly so fucking nice :]

so yeah it's monday, which means.... 4 days until my birthday... I think.. is friday in four days... if it's not oh fucking well.

so yeah, I just got home from school... intresting.. I talked to that guy I like today :D haha

okay, I'm bored with this now, if I dont' forget I'll post again tomrrow. haha
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